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About AirMedApp

AirMedApp specializes in a totally new way of marketing for the pharmaceutical industry. The company develops medical applications for mobile telephones and iPads.

Guido de Rooij, owner of AirMedApp, is a medical specialist. He works as an anaesthetist and doctor at the helicopter emergency medical service in Groningen. So he knows better than anyone what information a medical specialist needs to be able to perform his or her duties properly. In addition to his work as a doctor, he runs the company AirMedApp. Through this he develops special medical applications to successfully bring pharmaceutical products to the attention of medical practitioners. Ease of use, innovation and quality are of paramount importance for the applications.
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Interface Builder


AirMedApp assists pharmaceutical firms in devising and developing Apps to promote medical products. From start to finish it helps to present the right content in the best layout. All from the perspective of one important principle: ease of use for the medical specialist.

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Aftersales & maintenance

Just like a website, an App is not something static. It requires continuous care and maintenance. New content and possibly additional functionality keep the App dynamic and appealing.

In this regard, AirMedApp supports and manages all important updates.                    

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What are Apps?

App is an abbreviation for application. This is a piece of software for your mobile phone, iPod or iPad. It is made for one specific task or set of information. There are two important platforms: one for Apple (iPhone, iPod and iPad) and one for Android. Android is an open operating system developed by Google – for telephone handsets such as Samsung, HTC, LG and Motorola.

You can download these through the Apple App Store or Android Market. Apps can be obtained free of charge or in return for a fee.